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YITH WooCommerce Wishlist v2.1.0 Free is one of the most useful feature of an e-commerce: on one side, it encourages users to come back, allowing products tracking they consider interesting until the purchase step. On the other, if users share their wishlist — to friends, or through social networks — this will enhance the sales and will help the promotion of you online business.

 YITH WooCommerce Wishlist v2.1.0 Features:All features of the free versionView wishlists created (by logged users)View of popular products (added to wishlists)Enable/disable wishlist features for unlogged users,except for the sharing featureShow a notice to unlogged users: invite them to log in to benefit from all wishlist functionalitiesAllow users to create as many wishlists as they wantAllow users to manage wishlists, rename and delete them, add or remove itemsAllow users to search registered wishlists and to display themAllow users to set visibility options for each wishlist, by making them either public (visible to anyone), private (visible to owner only) or shared (visible only to people it has been shared with)Show multiple “Add to Cart” buttons in wishlist tableShow “Ask an estimate” button to let customers send the content of their wishlist to the admin and get a quotationAdd optional notes to quote requestAdmin can send a promotional email to users who have added a specific product to their wishlistAllow users to move an element from a wishlist to another one directly from the wishlist tableYITH WooCommerce Wishlist v2.1.0 Changelog

= 2.1.0 – Released: Apr, 03 – 2017 =

* New: WooCommerce 3.0-RC2 compatibility
* New: WordPress 4.7.3 compatibility
* New: Ask an Estimate for unauthenticated users
* New: added action_params param to yith_wcwl_wishlist shortcode, to let administrators show different wishlist views on different pages
* New: redirect to wishlist after login from “Login Notice” in wishlist page
* New: {product_url} and {wishlist_url} within promotion email replacements
* New: flush rewrite rules when installing plugin
* Tweak: added urlencode to mail content in mailto share link
* Tweak: count query of count_all_products
* Tweak: improved WPML list content handling (thanks to Adri)
* Tweak: double check over wc_add_to_cart_params exists and not null
* Tweak: added wishlist meta inside wishlist table data attr also for not logged in users (used for shared wishlist)
* Tweak: remove prettyPhoto-init library
* Tweak: implemented custom code to enable prettyPhoto on Wishlist elements
* Tweak: fixed typo in wishlist-view template
* Tweak: added urlencode to all sharing links
* Tweak: minimized endpoint usage when not required
* Tweak: removed unused check for WC_Product_Bundle
* Fix: “Move to another Wishlist” message, when moving to default wishlist
* Fix: get_template_directory for custom wishlist js
* Fix: global yith_wcwl_wishlist_token (false for default wishlists)
* Fix: check before “additional info” popup in wishlist_view template
* Fix: stock_status not existing when stock column isn’t shown
* Dev: added filter yith_wcwl_create_new_wishlist_title on wishlist-manage.php
* Dev: added filter yith_wcwl_ask_an_estimate_text
* Dev: action as second param for yith_wcwl_wishlist_page_url filter
* Dev: applied filter yith_wcwl_no_product_to_remove_message also for message on wishlist-view template
* Dev: added filter yith_wcwl_add_wishlist_user_id
* Dev: added filter yith_wcwl_add_wishlist_slug
* Dev: added filter yith_wcwl_add_wishlist_name
* Dev: added filter yith_wcwl_add_wishlist_privacy
* Dev: added yith_wcwl_promotional_email_thumbnail_size filter
* Dev: added filters yith_wcwl_estimate_sent & yith_wcwl_estimate_missing_email

Demo YITH WooCommerce Wishlist