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Download Free Nulled Bimber v9.2.3 (latest version) – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

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Bimber is one of the popular magazine design which lets you start a fully functioning website that is viral in longer than 24hrs. It has robust sharing buttons, as well as the most popular, trendy, and hot ads and a variety of ad placements. All this in a light and simple-to-use program. Begin today to be viral by tomorrow!

Amazing Viral Magazine Demos

There are many examples of sharing viral content, such as list, quizzes, lists and breaking news. We also have memes, breaking news gags, gifs and gifs social bookmarksand videos list of open, no-cost items celebrities’ news and gossip. Popular sites include BuzzFeed, 9GAG, Reddit, Hacker News, Bored Panda as well as YouTube as well as their clones.

  • Main inspirated from BuzzFeed and the other well-known buzzmaking websites. Check out all of the themes that are viral all in one location.
  • Relink Based on Reddit, Hacker News as well as other social bookmarking websites. It’s the perfect starting point for your own personal social news-aggregator built on WordPress. People submit posts like texts, links, images and text posts, which is then voted up or down by the other users.
  • Gagster is an inspiration from 9GAG and various other online platforms that allow sharing of amusing GIFs and memes. Videos, as well as videos gags, jokes, humorous stories, and NSFW photos. Users can upload personal images, or create memes using a meme generators, or upload material on other social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram or Faceboo ……

Viral Content Optimization

  • Make lists of GIFs, images, self-hosted video and embeds
  • Hot, popular and trendy lists
  • Cool badges that represent the most popular, hot and trendy blog posts
  • Posts paginated with large bright navigation
  • The share count threshold No more “0 shares” messages
  • The threshold of visibility for View count is No more “1 views” messages
  • Comments count visibility threshold No more “0 comment” messages” messages
  • NSFW posts (Not safe For work)
  • Maximize Time on the Page by including “You might also enjoy”, “More from category” and “Don’t be a fool” sections.

Social Media Makes Money

When properly used, can provide you with many opportunities to earn money than you realize. Develop a trusting relationship to your audience and they’ll become more likely to check for your suggestions. Get started using social media platforms by:

  • Massive social share buttons, with an easy call to actions
  • Big players first
  • Sticky sharebar
  • Sharing images
  • Social Comment Integration (Facebook, Disqus)
  • Fake counters to viral newbies

Potential locations:

  • Share buttons should be used prior to publishing content
  • Share buttons following content posting
  • Micro shares photos on its website
  • Links to social networks on the header
  • Social links of the site in sidebars with sticky options
  • The social links to the website’s the footer
  • Comments from social media (Facebook as well as Disqus) following the content of your post

Social Widgets

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

Fake Counters

  • Shares that are fake
  • Fake page views
  • Fake votes
  • Fake reactions

Profit from ads

Various ad providers supported:

  • Google AdSense ads
  • Content delivery platforms like Taboola, RevContent, Outbrain, etc…
  • and numerous other

Multiple ads slots

  • advertisements automatically integrated into posts
  • ads in sidebars and sticky options
  • ads within the post content after the first paragraph, etc…
  • an ad in the header the header theme
  • an ad in front of the theme of content area
  • advertisement prior to the “You might also enjoy” collection
  • Advert prior to that of “More than” collection
  • Advertisement before the “Comments” section
  • Advert prior to the “Don’t pass up” collection

Demo Bimber